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Arthromax w/Theaflavins and Apresflex 120 Capsules

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Price: $39.60
Item Number: LX0193
Brand: Life Extension
MPN: LX0193
Condition: New
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Life Extension - As you grow older, age-related stiffness and discomfort in the joints becomes a fact of life. Activities once routine become a challenge as limited mobility hampers your every move.Inflammatory reactions are regulated by a series of "cytokines" produced in the body. Normal aging results in an unfavorable balance of these cytokines that contributes to persistent inflammatory conditions. Studies have shown that a special fraction found in black tea suppresses proinflammatory cytokines at the genomic level. Scientists have found that these compounds called theaflavins uniquely downregulate the expression of genes associated with inflammatory cytokines.1ArthroMax with Theaflavins AprÃÃÃÃÃÃÃèsFlex provides bioactive theaflavin fractions, along with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which contains sulfur components that are critically important in maintaining comfortable joint function.2-4 It also contains FruiteX B OsteoBoron, a patented form of boron identical to natural plant forms found in food. Considered more bioavailable than other forms of boron, FruiteX B OsteoBoron also supports healthy bones and joints.5-7AprÃÃÃÃÃÃÃèsFlex represents a quantum leap forward in the delivery of boswellia to aging joints. Long prized for its ability to help inhibit inflammatory factors, boswellia is especially effective at inhibiting the 5-LOX (5-lipoxygenase) enzyme.Excess activity of 5-LOX results in the accumulation of leukotriene B4, a pro-inflammatory compound that affects aging joints. Boswellia has been shown to bind directly to the 5-LOX enzyme, preventing it from facilitating production of pro-inflammatory leukotrienes.8, 9AprÃÃÃÃÃÃÃèsFlex boswellia absorbs into the blood 52% better than previously available forms of boswellia, for superior effectiveness.10'ReferencesMol Nutr Foods Res 2006 Feb;50(2):115-22.Adv Ther. 2011 Oct;28(10):894-906.Acta Vet Scand. 2008 Nov 7;50:45.Nutr J. 2008 Oct 27;7:31.Miljkovic D (1999) Boron and carbohydrate complexes and uses thereof. U.S. Patent # 5, 962, 049.Miljkovic ND, Miljkovic DA, Ercegan GM (2002) Osteoarthritis and Calcium Fructoborate Supplementation: An Open-Label Study. FutureCeuticals Internal Study.Available at: by_product/fruitex_b/5._fruitexb_increases_bone_density-r_d.pdf Accessed December 17, 2012.Wien Med Wochenschr. 2002;152(15-16):373-8.J Ethnopharmacol. 2006 Sep 19;107(2):249-53.Mol Cell Biochem. 2011 Aug;354(1-2):189-97.
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